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Become a catalyst for change

Discover the art of social alchemy

Properly embedded in the social fabric, currencies will attune attention, create consciousness, and shape society all independently of direct intervention. This course is meant to help you understand the intent and implications of Currency, and teach you to reclaim its power for good.

Expand your horizons

Venture beyond the confines of standard economic Theory. Leave behind outdated models of exploitive and oppressive systems and emerge into a vibrant world of possibility.

Create currencies in a way that promotes flow

Name and learn to redirect the flows of 
effort, attention, and resources to fulfill your vision. Cultivate & maintain the inertia needed for prompt
& effective change

Design Currencies

This course will set you on the path to becoming a full fledged Currency Designer. Balance incentives & constraints & make the most of emergent properties to assure your currency the maximum amount of impact.

Develop 21st century skillsets

Acquire the literacy you need to address critical issues in meaningful, life affirming ways. Bridge the gap between intention & capacity with the foundation of Currency Design

Amplify your Impact
Make your efforts count

Tired of endless effort for little waves?

Turn the tide with Currency Design. This is a course for the Change Makers, the Innovators, those who refuse to sit idly by. Harness the full power Currencies have to offer and employ them to your advantage. Bring your dreams into the field of vision and see them through to fruition.

Why Currency Design?

Currency Design

for social change

Join us in this journey 

Collective action requires collective consciousness, and for that you need Currencies.

Learn what it takes to conceive of and deploy Currencies to effect the change you want to make in the world.

Staying ahead of the curve,
surmounting any obstacle.

The emerging economics of this new era warrant a new type of fluency. Let us share this new language with you. Together we can embrace and encourage the upcoming shifts in global industry, cultural norms, and social mores.


Let the wisdom of natural living systems show you how to recognize and leverage naturally occurring patterns and flows in your ecosystem. Co’inspire with your environment to guide your project toward greater health, integrity, and abundance. That's what good Currency Design does.

Envisioning possibilities & solutions from a different perspective

Allow yourself to be freed from the tyranny of convention and redefine what's possible. Leave behind one-dimensional measures of capital to explore a whole spectrum of value & wealth. Cultivate a design-solution mentality to overcome even the most seemingly intractable challenges.

Inside Stationary

Who is this for?


Social Entrepreneurs

New Economy innovators

Forward Thinkers


Web 3.0 Economists


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What's included


Learn from the Currency Masters themselves

No one is more respected in the field of Currency Design than Arthur Brock and Ferananda Ibarra. This is your chance to be introduced to the field by the man who has helped to redefine it for the modern age.

you''ll have access to the course replay and get a Certificate for successful completion of all course requirements.



Access exclusive Currency Design Toolkits

Take what you've learned with you and share it with your team. Handy tools and "hacks" to introduce and implement the principles and practices of Currency Design.



Find other like-minded individuals

Discover a community of change-makers! Experience together the joys and surprises the world of currency design has to offer. Be a part of the Currency Design revolution

(Coming soon) Learn alongside a Cohort of Innovative currency designers, follow along as they implement their own currencies.


Explore many real life Case Studies 

Proven examples of the power of currency. Take inspiration from the past successes, and valuable lessons from the missteps from those who've come before

History may not repeat itself, but it rhymes.


Who is this for?


Social Entrepreneurs

New Economy innovators

Forward Thinkers


Web 3.0 Economists



Sheri Herndon

This was absolutely informative & helpful information that has immediate impact.
I'd love all my friends to see this course because of the value that crosses so many different disciplines. Art so embodies all these ideas that they seem to flow effortlessly from him. I was so inspired at the information because of what I see as the impact this kind of teaching and training can offer to people working on social change and wanting to understand how economics could work in a more regenerative healing way!

Letter from Commons Engine

Commons Engine is proud to present this Currency Design online class; we've helped distill the essence of what we put into practice everyday in our consultations, workshops, and the social-economic frameworks. The material shared in this course exemplifies the principals we use to develop social and economic frameworks; representing the very foundations for our work in hosting, consulting, and facilitating workshops across the globe. These are the principles we've developed and used everyday for the last 15 years, and we are delighted to share them with you.

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